Sell on Clu

Thank you for your interest in Clu. We will help you sell more clothes.

What is Clu?

Clu is an online store where designers, brands, or stores can sell their fashion products. Clu has a standalone online store, a Facebook store and soon we will start selling directly through Instagram. Together we will make the online shopping experience, easier, and more accessible to most users.

What are the key features of Clu?

Other than the fact that you will begin selling your products online, Clu will provide you with a set of tools that will help you make the right business decisions.

Your own dashboard

Your dashboard on Clu will allow you to manage your store, manage your products, update your inventory... you will be in control of all items on your store.


In this competitive market, it is no longer efficient to design or buy products without leads or insights. Clu will analyze data from all users to generate reports about trends, competition, customer personas... In other words, you will be able to identify star products or styles and those which are not doing so well so that you can either customize your ads campaign or your buying strategy accordingly.

Accurate market targeting

Clu will display your product for the users most likely to buy them. This will help increase turnovers and help give you more realtime insights on your current market share.

Free ads

Clu will make the most of online advertising to promote its designers, brands and stores. Seasonal campaigns will promote products through paid advertisement in addition to the ongoing free exposure on our social media platforms. 


Clu delivers. We have partnered with local delivery services to cover all areas across Lebanon. We are currently negotiating the best available rates for international deliveries. The delivery service is NOT mandatory, if you like, you can deliver your own products.

The rates

Clu will charge 15% on each transaction without the delivery service, and 25% on transactions with the delivery service.

The requirements

Designers, brands, or stores who wish to sell on Clu must have a digital catalogue for their products, fill up the Clu products catalogue, and send it to along with the compressed folder of images. If the images folder is large, please send it via WeTransfer to the same email address.